Lovely Natural Soaps

I always loved creating different things and always challenged myself so when it came to natural cosmetics I really ventured in all aspects of skincare. I went from moisturizers to color cosmetics, and then I thought why not go all the way and make my own Soap. ( just for me )

You see, I’m not a shower gel kind of gal and the soaps on the market smell too strong. I want to use my own favorite scent and would really like to know what I wash with.

I went online and purchased organic clear glycerin soap and organic shea butter soaps, both unscented; when I received them I was so excited to play.

After melting the ingredients, I added my favorite essential oils and also used natural colors. Now I have my own naturally made soaps, so exciting.

For the essential oils, I used patchouli, lavender, and geranium along with rose petals , cardamom, and a little creativity! 😉

Nurture your skin with natural ingredients… enjoy!

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